Repair or Replace: HTC One M7

Repair or Replace my HTC One.
I’ve started to get bored with my barely-able-to-do-anything backup phone, having not been able to use my HTC One M7 for a number of months now. The top few cm of the touchscreen didn’t work, battery lasted under an hour and was tempermental, and the main camera had melted so barely worked and tinted everything purple. It wasn’t something I could rely on at the best of times, let alone when it wasn’t plugged in, and recently I’ve been working long days not at home. Thankfully the phone that struggles with literally anything else if it’s also playing a song on Spotify (including changing the song, it can’t always manage that) can last a good couple of days per charge. That’s probably because it’s doing next to nothing, though.


The phone has now been thoroughly broken as a result of an accident involving cats and the corrosive liquid that sometimes comes out of them. There has been corrosion around the top and especially bottom which has popped one of the face plates off, and caused the charging port to be pushed out of line with the hole. Until the screen, camera, and battery broke, the phone was very good and kept me going for a good few years. It could handle anything I threw at it, including (and especially) Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. My current phone genuinely struggles with making phone calls.


I can replace it, with a brand new phone, for £100.
New HTC One eBay


Screen assembly: £18
HTC One Screen Assembly
Battery: £6
HTC One Battery
Camera: £10
HTC One Camera
Time: £20
This manages it in 15 minutes to demonstrate, but has lots of bits edited out. Assume an hour at least, that’s £20 of lost earnings.
How to fix HTC One Video
Total: £54


Since the state of the motherboard isn’t perfect, having been peed on, and since the case isn’t in a great state either, spending more than half the cost of a brand new phone with a 6 month guarantee on something that might not even work, and relies on my fine motor skills doesn’t sound like the best of ideas. I’m far too busy right now to sort out getting a new phone and setting it up with all the apps I’ll be able to use again, so I’m going to wait until after the new year, when things get a bit quieter (yeah, right, I’ll believe that when it happens). Then I should have a shiny new phone, and I’ll be a bit more careful with it than I was my original HTC One… maybe.

PS: If you’re wondering what happened to my “Morning Person” posts, well, the last one mentions me failing, and it looks like I have. I’m trying something else involving a string of alarms, which is also why I thought I’d see whether there was any life left in the HTC One. I got up early today, and wrote this, so I’m not doing too badly.

Morning Person Day 3 – I failed

It doesn’t take a lot to kill my motivation in the morning. Okay, kill is a strong word.

It doesn’t take much to result in me sitting down for half an hour trying to build up enough motivation to stand up again.

That’s exactly what happened yesterday morning. After sleeping in until after eight (I was having an interesting dream, but I can’t remember it now) I came downstairs to find the kitchen floor covered in rubbish. The cats had tipped the recycling bin over. It didn’t take more than a couple of minutes to clean up, but it screwed with my already delayed morning.

For the third day in a row I had Weetabix and a banana for breakfast, which I’ve still not got bored of, thankfully. It just turned nine after I finished my breakfast, so I got started with some work.

You might note the missing section, where I take the dogs for a run. Yeah, I failed yesterday morning. Two out of three isn’t terrible, but it isn’t good either.

If I was less of an optimist, I might have missed the silver lining. Both yesterday morning, and this morning (day 4) I got almost 8 hours of sleep, and yesterday I got through the full day without needing a nap. It seems my sleep pattern needs to be corrected, then things should get easier. Early night tonight I think!

Morning Person Day 2

This morning didn’t go quite as planned, not that my mornings frequently do anyway. My alarm went off at five to seven, and whilst it did wake me up, I didn’t stay awake for long. I think it was a combination of getting to bed only five hours ago, running with the dogs the morning before, and carrying about fifteen kilograms of shopping home from Morrisons three quarters of a mile away just before getting to bed. That’s probably what caused me not to get out of bed straight away. I wanted to, I felt that I needed to too. Then again, it’s Sunday, and I don’t have strict working hours today.

At ten to eight I managed to get out of bed. I took my time having breakfast: Weetabix and Banana again. Cia reminded me how out season strawberries were before I went shopping yesterday, they’re what I planned on having. Never mind!

Banana and Weetabix.
Banana and Weetabix.

After breakfast I went back upstairs, all the dogs were looking rather cosy. I thought I’d swap the order I take the dogs, first Zodiac and Sam, then Marley. Zodiac shot down the stairs as soon as he realised what was happening. Sam, however, climbed onto the bed and rolled onto his back. He wasn’t interested at that point; I think Sam felt like I did a couple of hours earlier.

Marley figured out what was happening and followed Zodiac. They’re the two that sometimes fight, but since it’s almost exclusively when Cia is around, I decided to take them both out together.

Both of them were happy to be going out, and had a few good runs whilst we were out. Sam was waiting by the door when I got back, and after a quick drink of water I was back out with him. He took it a bit slower. Then we got to the park and he ran all the way around it!

By the time we got home it was  about twenty to ten — so much for starting work at nine…

Still, on a typical Sunday I’d still have been in bed, and if I start going to bed earlier, I should be able to stay on track.

Morning Person Day 1 (part 2)

Before I even bought my new trainers I had to do some running this morning. Naturally when I’m in a rush, the cash withdrawal at the post office is unavailable (something to do with training a new guy). I managed to get to the ATM, back to the post office, and pay for electricity though, plugged the smart key in at 7:59am. It cuts out at 8am if it’s not in credit.

Then came breakfast, as planned I had a banana with my Weetabix. Sweet enough that I don’t miss the lack of sugar (which I’m trying to cut down during the day (yes, I usually have more than is in a banana)).

Weetabix and Banana.
Weetabix and Banana.

After breakfast came shopping time. Just after 9am I set off. Got these Lonsdale ones, as they seemed to have more tread and grip than the ones I normally get (the slip on ones). They are okay, but very slippy on wet vinyl flooring!

New Trainers
Brand new trainers, already drenched.

Managed a good ~15 minute run with Marley first, although he didn’t quite understand that I was trying to sneak him out (the other boys did).

Sam and Zodiac fully understood what was going on, and were ready to go straight out as soon as I got back with Marley.

It’s now after 11am, but I have already started working. Got to deliver a Faerytails birthday cake to the post office before I start work at the gym though.

Tomorrow should be more straightforward, as I’ll already have the trainers, and won’t need to run to get electric!

Morning Person Day 1

It’s the first day of me trying my “wake up, decent breakfast, walk the dog, get to work on time” morning routine/challenge. Alarm goes off at 6:55am. Once it’s turned off what do I hear? That’s right: rain.

It's raining in Ilkeston
Precipitation 100%!

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it at 100% chance of precipitation. Never mind, it wouldn’t be a challenge if it was easy, and I probably wouldn’t bother if it wasn’t a challenge.

For a couple of reasons today will be different to the rest of the challenge. I don’t have a decent pair of trainers yet. It’s also Saturday, so I don’t have to start work at the gym until later. That doesn’t mean I won’t be out the house early though. The electricity meter will cut out at 8am if I don’t go and buy credit for it.

Sports Direct* opens at 9am, so I’m going to:

  1. Get electricity.
  2. Have breakfast.
  3. Buy trainers.
  4. Run with the dogs.
  5. Get to work before 11am.

That’s still a lot earlier than I’ve been starting work at weekends lately, and after today I’ll have no further excuses. 🙂

*No, I don’t agree with a lot of their practices, but they’re the quickest and cheapest way I can get the trainers I want.

Can I start to be a morning person?

Anyone who’s worked with me will know how terrible I am at starting doing things in the morning. That’s why I’m challenging myself for the rest of November (at least) to:

1 – Have breakfast with some form of fruit.
2 – Take the three collie boys out for a run in the morning, that means two runs for me (one of them is more difficult than the other two).
3 – Start whatever work I have to do that day — whether it’s cleaning the gym or something computer related — between 9am and 9:30am.

(Because if I don’t make it public and have to be accountable for it, I’ll probably not actually do it, and if I don’t post it now I’ll forget by the time I wake up.)