Who I Am:

A website developer,

Sometimes I develop new websites from scratch, other times I continue developing existing sites. In the past I’d hand-craft HTML and CSS from the ground up. Nowadays I tend to use WordPress or PrestaShop.

a PrestaShop expert,

After using it for my girlfriend’s dog treat business, Faerytails, I decided I wanted to learn as much as I could about PrestaShop. I’m making a series of online courses to teach others how to use it too.

and a programmer.

Starting with C back when I was in school, I’ve always liked making computers do what I tell them to. Whilst I have some experience in a wide range of languages, I mostly write PHP, Python, and JavaScript at the moment.

What I'm Working On:

Here’s an overview of what I’m doing at the moment.


We want our elections to work, so I created the Make.ThisElection.Work website to encourage local elections and provide a platform for local candidates and voters to ask and answer questions in an open, honest, and transparent way. The site encourages fact-checking where appropriate, and gives everyone a fair chance to participate.

Visit Make.ThisElection.Work
Customise This Product

Do you sell a customisable product? Faerytails, my girlfriend’s business, sells dog birthday cakes, with tens of thousands of possible colour, size, shape, and flavour combinations. That’s why I started creating the Customise This Product system. A limited quantity are available for only £24.99!

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Presta Theme Maker Tutorial

An online course I’m creating to teach people how to get the most out of Presta Theme Maker. After this series is completed, a similar course for creating a website using PrestaShop is next on the list.

Other Things I've Done:

Examples of things I’ve done, some of which I’m still working on.


The first PrestaShop website I created from scratch, to help with my girlfriend’s dog treat and birthday cake business. If you have a dog, you should certainly check it out!

Treat Your Dog
Leasing Calculator

As well as general PrestaShop assistance, I developed a leasing calculator, using JavaScript, for The Snow Plough Company.

See It In Action
Stop HS2 Erewash

In December 2016 I decided to give away a free website setup package once a month to non-profits under the JOT Web UK brand. The first to take up the offer was the Stop HS2 Erewash group. They wanted a site that brought together their Facebook Page, Twitter, and some static content, all in one place.

Bath Street Ilkeston

Successfully campaigned against the local MP’s (at the time, candidate) petition to de-pedestrianise a local high street.

See My Petition
Stood in Local Election

As well as the general election in 2015, Erewash held its borough council elections too. I stood as an independent candidate, and got 116 votes; I only delivered about 90 flyers!

I also stood in the Derbyshire County Council election in 2017. I was less successful in this though.

Love Ilkeston

Created a local directory website to help promote businesses in the town. Whilst the initial development was slow, I’m continuing to build it up in my spare time.

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